Body Holes

If the body were a museum. There would be seven galleries.


Emmy Skensved & Gregoire Blunt Latulippe

Rainbowlips, 2015 Vapor, refracted sunlight

Antoine Renard

26.9815386(7), 2015 Aluminium

Paul Barsch

Homo Heidelbergensis (mirror), 2015 3D print

Caspar Jade Heinemann

MOUTH/MOUTH, 2016 Text

Marian Luft

Tropical Blue Razz * (Myth Buster), 2015 Sweets

Edward Marshall Shenk

Untitled, 2015 Plaque disclosing liquid

Pakui Hardware

Eurecstasy 3D print

Yves Scherer

Tiger, 2016 Plastic white tiger

Burkhard Beschow & Anne Fellner

No. p, 2016 Pasta, sugar, pearls

Jake Kent

World Peace Can´t Be Done, 2016 Silkscreened patch


True To You When I Punch You, 2016 Laser cut alpaca and pistils

Joey Holder

Ki, 2016 1x 2SC4116SU-Y,LF NPN transistors, 1x 2SC4116SU-GR,LF NPN transistors, 1x SC-82AB temperature sensor IC, 2x 100R-5%-10W resistor, 1x 910K-5%-1/10W resistor, 1x 5K-1%-1/10W resistor, 2x 100uF-1206 capacitor, 1x 10uF-0603 capacitor, 1x clear-blue LED. 2x 1.55V button cell batteries, 1x DIP black male header, 1x nose LED kit v1.0

Bruno Zhu

Left Nostril, 2016 Printed text

Antoine Donzeaud

I Can Prove That Baby´s Not Yours, 2016 Piercing, vinyl, plastic, anodized brass wire               

Silas Inoue

What the Devil Whispers Only Makes Sense if You Pay Attention, 2015 Modified cricket, ceramic plaster and watercolor

Viktor Fordell

Neocave, 2016 Silicon, inkjet print, MDF

Ed Fornieles

Bloody Friday, 2016 PSD file

Christopher L G Hill

wall, wall, wall, 2015/16 Scrunchie, red plastic crab

Tilman Hornig

Green Ear, 2015 Acrylic paint, Hirtentäschel

Sol Hashemi

Decoupling Device ( Pen Blank / Work Desk ), 2015 Glow-in-the-dark vacuum stabilized spalted maple, gorilla glue, aircraft cable, condition: vibrations

Martijn Hendriks

The kitchenette was an alcove. In his parka, he filled the space entirely, turning in place, looking at things so that she would look at them too—the cupboard hanging open, the frozen explosion of clutter. No walls visible, just cardboard boxes, garbage bags stuffed with clothes, luggage. Mushrooms floating in a wok, 2016 Bluetooth ear piece, snails, snail trails

Sean Raspet

Isotope Labeled 6.5% Carbamide Peroxide Aqueous Solution 2015 - 2016 Individual isotopic components (all isotopes present are non-radioactive): Deuterium oxide D2O (heavy water): water consisting of the 2H hydrogen isotope along with 16O common isotope of oxygen, 18O hydrogen peroxide: H218O2, 13C urea: H2N13CONH2
Belly button

Adam Cruces

Composition with Kabinet Würzig and Tubble Gum, 2016 Cigarette butt, chewing gum

Debora Delmar Corp.

Currency Therapy, 2016 Mexican 10 cent coin

Rachel de Joode

Prosopopoeia, 2016 Polymer clay

Rasmus Høj Mygind

Ditte, meine liebling, 2016 Sculpture of Ditte's hair frozen inside an ice cube

Carson Fisk-Vittori

Eusocial Insect Dance, Poisonous Pollen = Poisonous Honey, 2015 Blue Orchid bees, electronic parts, honey

Anna Sagström

Pig iron (life as futile, then, as frail), 2016 Ferrofluid, iron oxide, stainless steel, NdFeB magnet

Enrico Sutter

Creative Act, 2016 VeroWhite photopolymer plus 3D print

Josephyne Schuster-Brandt

Untitled, 2016 Sprout

Vincent Grunwald

Transparency Universal Value 60Vince, 2016 Washed paper, masked web photos

Jaakko Pallasvuo

Divining Rod, 2016 Bronze

Clemence de la Tour du Pin

FROG, 2015 Myrrh, alprazolam, polyurethane foam, moroccan root

Bradford Kessler

Boy, 2016 Plastic, rock salt

Victoria Dejaco

The Cunt Coloring Book, 2016 Text

Emanuel Rossetti

Boundaries #2 (excerpt), 2014 Headphones, 1h4m53s WAV File, looped

Fenêtreproject (Dustin Cauchi & Francesca Mangion)

98.6 °F, 2016 LOTR Ring of Power replica, gold-plated cast iron

Santiago Taccetti

Carnitas, 2016 Alphabet soup, KW lubricant, food color

Anselm Ruderisch

Waterghost, 2016 Ceramic

Jesse Darling

3rd Eye Deepsea Buttplug, 2015 Fimo, foam, glass, LED

Mikkel Carl

Plato´s Man Cave, 2015 Keyring (Banana Flashlight)

Michele Gabriele

FIRSTY-FISTY, 2015 Rubber tube, chain, fake nails, polish resin, mosquitoes, insects

Sandra Vaka Olsen

Finger in Eye, 2015 Carved and polished plexiglass, human hair eyelashes

Dorota Gaweda & Eglé Kulbokaité & Agatha

4 Ai, 2015 GRILLZ top & bottom Teeth of Fire Hiphop Bling Grillz Set, Lazer-engraving.

Hana Earles

The Tightest Youngest Legal Pussy, 2015 Fabric, pen, cotton thread, ribbon

Ullrich Klose

Flute, 2016 3D print

BODY HOLES is part of 9th Berlin Biennale #FearOfContent, 2016